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【慈幼通訊社 2019 09 09 越南河內訊】 ─ 越南蒙古會省省會長Joseph Nguyen Van Quang神父,宣告第二個越南會省代理區(蒙古代理區於2009年成立)正式開展,共祭的有多達40名慈幼會司鐸,一些慈幼家庭成員(慈幼會修士、母佑會修女、協進慈幼會士及兩名鮑思高志願會會員)也到場參與。新任越南北部代理,Van Phuc堂區主任司鐸陳國俊神父(聖名:多瑪斯阿奎納Thomas Aquinas),展開他三年的任期,而整個會省議會成員也同時向大家會面。

在彌撒舉行之前,越南北部10個慈幼會事業的代表,聚首作簡短會面,共同了解總會長於20197月批准的代理區章則,使能清楚辨識有效的策勵方向,並為慈幼會策勵工作建立穩固的根基。目前在當地的會士提出多項問題:「代理是什麼?代理的確實角色是什麼?當我們主要是以與教區的堂區訂立的短期協議為基礎時,如何開展新的慈幼會事業?」所有問題由東亞澳區議員作簡短論述,透過代理首任秘書JB Tran Van Hao神父進行傳譯。

在福音後的簡短講道中,東亞澳區議員賢明漢神父在代理的誕生上,為過去25年來各方所作的努力表示感謝,尤其慈幼會士、平信徒福傳伙伴及恩人。雖然沿途滿佈挑戰,然而他分享了聖若望保祿二世所說的「不要害怕」(Van Phuc慈幼會會院的題詞)這一點。在第三點上,他表達了在瞬息萬變的青年及社會環境中,需要不斷尋找一個共同的願景。



目前在當地的慈幼會士中(共44名,其中多達11名慈幼會士修士),只有少數生於北部,因此大多感到自己身處在真實的傳教環境中,需要學習當地傳統習俗,以及少數族裔的方言。當地10個慈幼會事業,範圍由最南的河靜Ky Anh,到最北的老街,主要以堂區為基礎,勉力回應國內這大片地區青年的需要。


Inauguration of the new North Vietnam Delegation


(ANS VietnamHanoi, 09 September 2019) – The second Delegation of VIE province (Mongolia Delegation was established in 2009) was inaugurated on 7 September 2019, during the 10:30 a.m. Eucharist in the Parish Church of St. Peter in Van Phuc (Hanoi) celebrated by Fr. Joseph Nguyen Van Quang (Provincial of Vietnam – Mongolia) and concelebrated by 40 Salesian Priests and attended by a small group of Salesian Family members (Salesian Brothers, FMA sisters, Salesian Cooperators and two VDB). Fr. Thomas Aquinas Tran Quoc Tuan, parish priest of Van Phuc, was introduced to his 3 year term of office. Also the complete Provincial council was present at this occasion.

Before the Mass, representatives from all 10 Salesian presences in the northern part of Vietnam gathered for a short meeting, to understand the Delegation Statutes approved by the Rector Major in July 2019 with a clear wish for effective animation and to establish firm roots for Salesian animation. The current confreres raised many questions about “What is the Delegation? What is exactly the role of the Delegate? How to establish new Salesian works when we are based mainly in diocesan parishes with a short term agreement?” All questions were briefly commented on by the EAO Regional Councillor, through translation by the first Secretary of the Delegation, Fr. JB Tran Van Hao.

In the short address after the Gospel the EAO Regional Councillor expressed his gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the birth of the Delegation, especially to the Salesian confreres, the lay mission partners and benefactors over the past 25 years. Although there are many challenges on the way, the words of faith shared by St John Paul II “Don’t Be Afraid” (inscription on the Salesian community house in Van Phuc) expressed his second point. In his third point Fr. Klememnt expressed the need for an ongoing search for a common vision in the fast-changing situation of the youth and the society. 

At the conclusion of the Eucharist, the newly installed Delegate Superior, Fr. Thomas Aquinas, shared his vision for next 6 years: in order to lay solid foundations for the future Vice-province, he invited everyone to focus on community building, formation of the Salesian Family (esp. Salesian Cooperators, Alumni and ADMA) and work with their whole heart for the total development of the youth in this specific culture of the North.

The new Delegate also highlighted the specific need to work for vocations, through the committed witness of religious life and invited all confreres to build a stronger sense of belonging to each local community, to the Delegation and to the whole Vietnam-Mongolia province.

Among the current Salesian confreres (44, with no less than 11 Salesian Brothers) only very few were born in the North, thus finding themselves in a true missionary environment, needing to learn the local traditions, customs and also some ethnic dialects of minority groups. The 10 Salesian communities spread from Ky Anh (Ha Thinh, most southern presence) until Lao Cai (most northern presence) are mostly parish settings trying to develop some response to the needs of the young people in this large part of the country.